A lover of bold colours and patterns I adore both intricate details and smooth lines of more simple illustrations.


Painting in response to how I feel, and forever feeling torn between less and more has led to a creation of diverse works. Sometimes I'll simplify a busy, complex piece by only allowing highlighted sections to peek out amongst solid colour, usually with shapes inspired from nature. I am just as likely however to have a 'more is more' phase and I love to paint abstract patterns that are an explosion of detail and colour. 



I paint with acrylics, inks, oil pastels and digitally by hand using a pencil. I love the spontaneity that is possible with digital art and it encourages me to take greater  risks in my work. I find the process of painting digitally everyday  has significantly impacted the level of depth, detail and layers of my acrylic paintings.



Self taught, I create intuitively and am not really a lover of having strict rules or method. In my partner's words, I’m a little chaotic or messy - actually he calls me a whirlwind.  My toddler doesn’t seem to mind. 



I was born in Ireland, grew up in England, moved to Australia when I was approaching my teenage years and have since lived in 3 of our wonderful states. Perhaps this is why I like variety, but Melbourne is now definitely home and I absolutely adore this diverse, creative city.

Awards & Exhibitions
Slowdown Studio Art Competition Winner 2019
Canterbury Art Exhibition 2020