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Hi, I’m Suzie.

I get so much joy out of being creative. When I pick up a pencil or paintbrush my mind shuts off. It’s meditative. I’m self taught and mostly paint intuitively. I am not really a lover of strict rules and I like my process to be experimental and playful. My partner describes me as  a little chaotic and messy - actually he calls me a whirlwind. My little ones love making a mess with me.

I love colours and pattern and my work is usually quite vibrant and bold. It’s often heavily inspired by nature or everyday items in my surroundings. I love to observe and I notice inspiration in the little things everywhere.

Once I had little people to look after I began also creating digitally. It allowed me to sketch my ideas quickly on the go when busy Mum life prevented me from getting into the studio. This digital journal has now become big part of my creative process, especially for exploring and playing with colour palettes. I live with my family in Melbourne and am also a Primary School teacher.

Thank you for checking out my work!

Awards & Exhibitions

Slowdown Studio Art Competition Winner 2019
Canterbury Art Exhibition 2020 
Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba, 2021
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